Friday, July 25, 2014

Mid- that became end of July post

Once again, another month and a half went by without me writing anything. AND, I've been writing this post for the past week without posting it because I didn't have all the pictures that I want. I don’t have any other good excuse except that I've been busy with work, vacations, house renos and the usual sewing, knitting and weaving.
My sewing class ended at the end of June, and it was quite productive, although not as much as I had hoped and planned for. I still have tons of projects to work on until I start again in September.
I was able to finish 2 pieces that I've been wearing this summer, a 3-tiered skirt, made in a piece of batik I bought last year during a shopping spree, and a tank top made with a cute polka dot fabric bought at the same time.

The skirt pattern is actually a “recipe” I found on the internet and saved on my Pinterest: I love it, and it was so easy to make, I hope to make another one before the end of the summer.
The tank top is actually taken from a Burda dress pattern, which was, as usual, heavily modified to fit me. (If I try to find the pattern's name or #, I will never publish this post...)

On the knitting side, I finished a very pretty little ensemble, taken from Vintage knits for modern babies:
(It’s the only picture I have, taken in the car on our way to the party where I gave it to the new parents; I sewed the buttons on the way). The cardigan is Matinee jacket, the booties are Ruby slippers

Those VERY cute buttons ( are from la Maison Tricotée, bought at the Tricoté-serré day I went to in Nicolet in June. Yarn:, as for many of my baby projects.

I started another project from that book (Charming raglan pullover), with the same yarn, but in dark denim). The baby is due very soon…but as usual, I’m knitting a 6-month, so that gives me a little time…I went to Alexandria, 4 hours away from 3R this weekend, that gave me time to get a little further. Obviously, I need to travel more to be more productive :-) The back, front, and half of a sleeve are done. 

Off my loom is my last baby blanket, woven for baby Victor, born back in April (I’m not a fast weaver…and I didn’t take that one off until I finished the whole warp.). I still need to hem it, but I already love the result! 

I don’t think I’ll try to add a border to that one, I like the yellow stripes enough as a decoration. I made a boo-boo with this one at the beginning, when I took off the previous blanket, and I was not sure at all it would end well, but with a wash, it looks very good! Pattern is from Anne Dixson’s book

If you remember my last post, I had also made a boo-boo when I warped my loom a few months ago. I worked the remaining of the warp in 2 separate projects; on one I just tried a few things using 2 colours at the time. I love those colours together, they remind me of Slovak traditional clothes, such as this.

The other part looks like this, not sure what I’ll do with it, maybe experiment sewing something with it? Still TBD.

One thing if for sure, it’s that I won’t be using my 60” loom anytime soon again. We are renovating our basement, and my loom will be stored for the next few months. I hope I still remember how to warp it when I get it back. 

 Meanwhile, our garden has started producing, despite my total lack of TLC.

Yes, that last image is a baby toad I found close to our cucumbers. We've also enjoyed the presence of a ground hound in the past months. She has been nice, and so far, has only eaten our grass and some our our cucumber leaves.

And the last thing I wanted to share is that I finally used my ice cream maker to make this Blueberry-mojito ice cream. All I can say is: OMG, YUM! I don’t think I can EVER buy ice cream again. 

I remembered to take a picture right before I had the last bite!