Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Busy, already

My vacation is not over yet, and I already I find myself working overtime...

Like last night: I met my friend a little after 8:30 (she had to put her son to sleep first..) at the Farmers' circle' hall to weave a little, and we left after midnight. I was back this morning a little after 8:00, hoping to do do as much as possible before I have to give back the key of the hall, next week.

Since I joined the "Farmers' circle" in September, I took a weaving course, which means that I'm theoretically able to use one of the 2 looms available at the Circle's hall....A lady prepares it with hundreds of yards of yarn;  all we have to do is to give our name, and when it's our turn, all we have to do is weave, and weave...We are supposed to weave 6 40" dishtowels each! The expert weavers can do one in an hour.

Except, weaving is not that easy, as my friend Dominique and I have been learning over the past 2 weeks! Changing colours, breaking yarn, being consistent, all things that we have to know how to do, or how to fix. Anyway, after going several times and calling the lady who is in charge of it many, many times, Dominique and I managed to finish one common dishtowel, Dominique made her first one, and I'm halfway through my first, after 3 intensive hours this morning. I'm hoping to have 2 ready by the time I give back the key on Monday...but I'll give my name again, now that it is working, I like it a lot!

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