Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quilting camp

I'm just back from spending the weekend in a camp with 18 other lady-farmers, learning the stain glass quilting technique. It was awesome, and not only because I got to learn a lot of new things.

First, I got to spend the weekend out of the city. 3R is not a big city, but it is a city nonetheless. So I got to spend 2 days in a camps in the woods, where I could hear a waterfall from my room and take long walks.

It was also wonderful to be with 18 other women, all passionate enough by textile arts to spend 2 days away from their family! (I was the baby of the group...and my man spent half of the weekend in Québec city for a course he is taking for his masters' degree, so it was easier for me...). Most of them had a lot of experience, and a lot of generosity in sharing their knowledge.

The other reason why it was so great is that it was relaxing. We worked hard, but without rushing to get our things done. There was a lot of knitting and playing in pyjamas, and we even took an impromptu break to go yarn shopping in the next village in the afternoon.

I was going there hoping to learn basic techniques that would help me with any sewing; I did not have a particular interest for the stained glass quilt, but I am very happy by what I was able to make, and hope to be able to use it.

cutting the different pieces and sticking them to the background

adding the pieces one by one, making sure there is no space between them

adding the bias tape

It's not finished; I was able to sew the bias around the flower only, and I also have to add the batting and decide what I want to make with it. Some ladies made a mural, some others made a cushion. I'm thinking of a bag, because I love craft that is useful. If anyone else has an idea, please leave a comment! 

Other crafty news

So, after I warped my loom to make dishtowels, I started to weave and I keep seeing a bag appearing in front of me (I have something with bags...)

I'm currently knitting a little cardigan for a colleague who is expecting. I hope to finish it before the baby arrives! Somehow, I have a hard time to get into it - maybe I just have too many things to do as well, such as the morning echo cardigan that I started over a year ago and that I still have not finished...But I am determined to wear it in the plane I am taking on July 20th to go to Romania, so I better finish the baby cardigan if I want to get back to it ASAP! 

the back and one of the front piece - but I'm almost done now

have a great week!

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