Friday, August 10, 2012

Entertainement palace

Since the last time I wrote, our house has become a cool place to hang out.
It started with a barbecue with my colleagues, spouses and kids (about 25 people) on a Wednesday evening.

party backyard
The day after, my man, now confident that we could have people over, invited friends for dinner. Over the weekend, 2 other friends came from Montreal with a baby (the cutest one in the world, I must add).

I must say that it is easier to have people over now that our living room went from this:

the original living room, before we bought the house (picture NOT taken by me!)

to this:

May 1st, after my man spent several hours taking the old carpet off
to this (arrgggh!):
and now this:

July 2012
It's not finished, but I love the bright, almost empty space. I hope I can keep it this way when we are done, but knowing myself, it will be difficult...

Then this weekend, my parents came over. It was the first time they saw the house, and I think they liked it. We got to enjoy the backyard a lot, my mother and I knitting, my dad reading, and all of us drinking  watermelon-blueberry juice (my new favourite summer drink: put some watermelon in a container. Add whatever berries you have. Add herbs (I tried with chocolate mint and basil). Add some lime juice. Maybe a little bit of something sweet (I have agave nectar). Then I use my hand blender, bjjjuuut, bjjuuutt. Add some bubbly water. If you are not with your 80-something parents, add some rum as well, pour on ice, enjoy.

Having guests over means that we get a nice break from the renos (thanks guests! Please come more often!) and that we get to go to our favourite places to show them off to them.

On the craft side, nothing much, I get to knit when I take the bus to work, and since I'm trying more and more to bike, my poor peasy is not happening very quickly. However, it has now made it to the stage of "thing I can see myself wearing in the future". Hopefully in October, when I need warm clothes.

I quite proud of it, mostly because so far, I've only needed minimal external intervention when I made mistakes. I'm now an expert at dropping stitches intentionally so I can go fix something. I'm going to knock on wood, but hopefully, it will go this way until the end.

Tomorrow, we are going to Montreal with my man's nephews to see a Star Wars exhibition and eat in Chinatown. That's a minimum of 2 hours of knitting on the way there, and maybe 2 more on the way back, if we come back before dark. How exciting!

Have a great weekend!

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