Sunday, September 9, 2012

You know fall is around the corner...

...when you see all the canning supplies getting featured in the grocery and hardware stores. That, for me, means minimally grape jelly, maybe tomatoes and hopefully cinnamon-plum jam.

Last week I went to my in-laws who gave me 2 buckets full of concord grapes. They have so much they don't know what to do with it. I spend almost all weekend transforming them in jelly.

I love grape jelly, and I like it even more since I started making my own. Last year, it turned perfectly. This year, I'm not so sure what it will look like when I open the first jar. Cooking on our 1960's stove has been a challenge. I had trouble getting the right temperature and kept burning myself.

Today was plum jam. One reason I wanted to get plum trees in our garden is because I love plum jam. We did not get any fruit this year, so we got a few kilos at the market last week, which I transformed into a yummy plum-cinnamon jam today.

Tomatoes might happen next week, and I also have beets for an evening this week.
So no time to knit this week.

Canning on our old stove. Not fun.
I might have bought way to many plums
had a few of these last week: organic gin (thanks Cherie!), tonic, cucumber and wild blueberries

Final product: lots of plum jam!

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