Friday, October 19, 2012

Back in 3R

We came back on Wednesday night, and arrived in 3R at midnight, after a long trip that had started at 5:30am, our time.

We had an awesome trip, my man and I. A perfect mix of vacations, visiting friends, partying , folklore-related activities, textile-related activities and tourism. I was so nervous going there, hoping he would like it, because our vacations together would have been seriously jeopardized  for the rest of our life, if he had decided never to go back again. Fortunately, he had a good time, despite the language barrier, the insane amount of alcohol and the running around from a place to another to meet more friends.

Although this was my 10th or 12th trip to Transylvania, I still managed to take over 1,000 pictures. They are still downloading as I write, so I won't add them to this post.

However, there is a picture I can add: the one of the dishtowels I managed to finish right before we left, and that I distributed to the ladies who have inspired me so much over the years. It was interesting to see their critical eye take a look at the finished object, and to be told that it was a good beginner's piece, and how much they liked the yarn used to weave it. One of them even told me she would not use it as a dishtowel, but turn it into a small table cloth. Oh, I was so proud!

The trip also involved other textile-y activities, such as the visit of 2 ethnographic museums (OMG), 2 days spent at a crazy, crazy market, visits of rooms full of sheets, dishtowels, table clothes and other magnificent objects, and frenetic knitting on my part to finish the hoodie that I wanted to give my friend's daughter for the birth of her son. I managed to finish it (well, without sewing the buttons on) as my man was putting our luggage in the taxi that brought us back to the airport 2 days ago. Somehow, that little thing did not want to let itself get knitted easily. And even less assemble (oh, that damn hood!). But I managed to take a few pictures before I left for the airport!

Yes, once again my favourite yarn, but this time, I didn't request it at the store, they suggest it to me when I said it was going to far far away in Transylvania! 
That's the only knitting that happened during the trip. I was ready to start (again) my folded on my trip home, but my needles (my brand new addi turbo lace, and another set of normal circular needles) were confiscated at the Budapest airport. Not at the Montreal airport this summer, or 2 weeks ago, not at the Toronto or the Detroit airports this summer, not at the London airport, no, the Budapest airport was their last trip.
I don't know if I should be pissed at myself, for taking a chance to bring them in my carry on, or pissed at the fact that they had gone through security several times in my carry-on without any problem, and that that day, a zealous employee decided otherwise. So no knitting on my way back. And no needles to start the sweater, so I'll have to find something else to start over the weekend. maybe Fuse, for which I have the yarn and the needles. Or some socks. I want to make a pair of socks, I think this is the right timing.

Off to unpacking, laundry and trying to find how to start the heating in the basement! have a great weekend!

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