Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wake me up when November ends...

I'm a fall girl. Fall is ma favourite season. I love the colours, I love the weather (most of the time), I love that it is not too hot, not too cold, I love that I get to wear real clothes, but without having to add a few kilos of winter gear of top of them, I love beets and carrots, I love soups, I love to add a warm blanket on my bed.

Except for this year.

Somehow, I missed fall this year. Is it because of our  trip, which took place when fall is at its best here? I feel I didn't see the colours, I did not take advantage of the weekends to have a long walk in a park or in the nearby forest (if there is one advantage of living in 3R, it's the nearby forests!).

That's pretty much as much colours as I saw - leaves from our neighbours the friars invading our   backyard...
Meanwhile, the last few weeks have been spent running around between the different jobs, and for the Farmers' circle, which is organizing a Christmas fair next week.  I've also been going to bed as early as 8:15 pm whenever it was possible. And despite the running around, I have not been productive at all. That is not something I enjoy.

I'm not sure I told you about kind of finishing my Peasy on the way to the airport last month? It's only kind of finished, because I've been able to wear it (I sewed the seams together, because I forgot a buttons hole, and I was not able to find any buttons that I like that are the right size, and I don't think I would ever wear that cardigan open anyway, because of the shape of its collar, but at the same time, I like that it looks like a cardigan, and not a sweater. So I was able to wear it a few times during my trip, but I was asked by an 18 year old if it was not a little too short, and so I have decided that I need to lengthen it. And find buttons. Sight. Eventually. 

No knitting at all happened in November, except for a start of a swatch this morning while I was waiting for a blood test at the hospital. It's for Fuse, which I am hoping to start sometimes soon. However, I can't seem to concentrate enough to get it right. The blood test was for my thyroid, so hopefully the concentration level will improve soon (and I should be able to go back to sleep at my normal 10 pm). 
5 rows, done several times each
The yarn is Berroco Blackstone Tweed in wintry mix. 

I kept going to my sewing class (I love it, but I am not very good at that either, I'm afraid). 

This is a the beginning of the class several weeks ago, as I was doing my homework at home
First steps of the skirt
This is what it looks like as of yesterday. After my teacher had to redo most of it because I had a big accident with the overlock and cut off part of it. I'm a bit behind my classmates, and it's not only because of this incident, or because I went away on vacations. Friday is supposed to be my pilates-sewing-laundry-cleaning day, but I have not been able to work only 4 days a week (as I am supposed) since I started that class. I'm hoping it will happen this week, because I still have a lot to do if I want to wear it this year!
a little bit more advanced
At the same time we are sewing a skirt with our teacher, she asked that we sew one (same model) by ourselves so we practice what we learn. I have been able to cut the pieces for the 2nd one last night, this is what the material looks like. I think it will be cute this summer (it's cotton).
Next skirt
On the house side...

Last few feet of the last room...
There is so little left to do (this + a few closets). I think I can see the light at the end of the floor tunnel. I can start thinking about other things, such as closet organisation and lighting.

Talking about lighting, I think I will reuse this authentic 70's (?) fixture, I see it everywhere (in this colour!) in design blogs. It will look perfect in our walk-in/guests room:

I hope to have something truly completed soon for the next time I write!

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