Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting closer to the baby blankets

I'm just coming back from my weaving yarn shopping expedition. I don't know if the blankets will be well woven, but they will be nice colours!

2/8 cotton for the babies to come
I took today off from work, thanks to the the days of overtime I accumulated, because I spent the weekend at a Hungarian folk dance camp with a lot of my friends, and I knew I would have trouble waking up this morning. I spent a good part of the weekend celebrating that I quit one of my jobs on Friday. Life will get back to normal soon! Meanwhile, I didn't get insomnia since Friday. It may be due to the fact that I partied a lot on Friday and Saturday night, and that I went to bed at 4 am on Saturday night/Sunday morning, but I have been able to sleep all day on Saturday in a cabin shared with a bunch of people, and I did not wake up once last night. I know it is all psychological and due to the stress and exhaustion, and it is so frustrating that even if I know it, it doesn't stop! Let's see if knowing I will finish contract #4 soon will change something, or if I need more tequila shots to sleep all night!

I did wear my new skirt at Saturday night's tanchaz, but didn't get the chance to take nice pictures. I only threw my camera at my man when someone asked me to dance and asked him to take a few pictures.

Mezosegi dance with Ted!
So here they are. That's all I have. I guess we'll have to wait for spring to get more, because that skirt is made of cotton and I can't wear it in this weather...I'm very happy with it. And it was great that some people who follow the blog recognized it when I arrived at tanchaz!

Going to Montreal means that I saw my friend and knitting mentor Elizabeth, so I got to work a little bit on my folded. I found a mistake in the pattern (a missing word), but besides a little moment of panic because I didn't know what to do, I think it is coming along nicely. I'm doing the raglan and decreasing for the neck, and I have a few stitches to graft to attach the sleeves. So I probably have one or 2 weeks'worth of bus rides left to work on it.

This is it for this week's updates. I have great weaving plans (including warping my loom, and travelling far away from 3R to discuss weaving with an expert) for next week, but I'll write more about them when they are confirmed. Have a great week! I'm going to bed, even if it is not even 9 yet...

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