Friday, April 12, 2013

In need of vacations

Well, first thing I want to say is that life is good again! After a very intensive week training the person who replaced me at the university chiropractic clinic, I'm now finally back in my quiet research jobs. It's still 2 jobs, and it is still not permanent, but at least, it's only 2 jobs with 1-year contracts, the longest I've had in a few years (including the last jobs I had in Montreal). It makes such a difference, although I still need to rest from the 4 last months' craziness. I don't seem to be able to get that at home. I just look around and get depressed about the house and everything I should be doing in it. But then I have no energy to do it. So I get more depressed.

The knitting, sewing and weaving also suffered from this lethargy.

For example, I knit those baby booties at the speed of the light, because I wanted a friend to bring them in Hungary at the end of March to give to a friend who is expecting. But something went very wrong..I did not notice anything before I almost gave them to him. The plan is now to knit a 2nd one for each of them. While in vacations.

I also started a little kimono for another friend who was expecting (she had a beautiful baby boy last weekend). It's an easy knit, which I keep fixing, because I seem to have forgotten how to read instructions. Or that there are instructions to be read. I don't have a picture here because I can't find the bag in which it is. Vacations, vacations...please come soon!

I missed about 3 sewing classes in the past month, between Washington and a meeting. So when I went back this week, I was wayyy behind everybody else, although one of the things I love about this course is that everybody can go at their own rhythm. The other excuse I have for being behind is that I had to do everything twice so far, mostly because we had to modify the pattern to fit me after the first try, but also because I can't seem to be able to sew straight anymore. I have to admit that I am a little bit happy that we had to modify the pattern, because I have been complaining my whole life that nothing fits on my unexistant shoulders, and this seemed to have proven my point.

Looks more like a pyjama than a blouse, I know
Did I show you my beautiful fabric, and the beautiful buttons I found to go with it?

I can't wait to wear it, and I feel I should knit something to go with it. I'm thinking about this or this. What do you think?

The good news of the week is that after about a month, I finished warping my loom, and started to weave a little bit.

It's a baby blanket for the baby that was born last weekend. I better hurry if I want him to get it before he enters kindergarten! It's a beautiful pattern, easy to follow, but I still need calm and quiet so I don't get confused between the treadling. Can you see the mistake I made already? The problem is that in our new house, the loom is facing the TV. So I got totally distracted when my man started watching it while I was weaving. I will try to weave with ear plugs, so see if it makes a difference, but it is something I already wrote down as having to change when we redo the basement.

a mistake, already :-( 
So, really, I need vacations. I can't keep working like this, one stitch/one mistake.

The only thing that can help is a little trip, and I am looking forward to Paris a lot! I think that the fact that it was not planned, nor even part of my bucket list makes it even more exciting. I mean, of course, I'm happy to go to Paris for a week, but it is not in my top destinations, so I have no expectation, and no plan, except for having a "café-crème", and a glass of good wine.

Well, of course, I started to make a list of interesting stores to visit. Most of the addresses I found here. I looked around, and most stores seem to still be open (the post is from 2009).

But there are still 17 days before I leave...Hopefully that means about 40 inches of baby blanket, but I suspect it will be 17 days of mistakes. Until then, I'm going to go play in the snow, because, yes, of course, we are getting 5 to 10 cm of snow today. It's a very wintery spring, this year. Meanwhile, in Paris, they are expecting 23 degrees this weekend. Imagine in 17 days!

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