Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back on my feet

Oh, there are so many things to talk about...
Paris was amazing, my aunts were amazing, the apartment, 5 minutes away from the Seine and the Eiffel Tower, was amazing, the bread, the cheese (oh, the Roquefort!), the wine, the free time, the shopping, it was all amazing.

I'll write more about the shopping next time...

Meanwhile, I've been back for a little while now, and the housewarming party was last weekend. We calculated that 93 people (70 adults, 23 children) showed up. I still can't believe it, it was pretty awesome, although I didn't have the time to sit down, or chat, or even eat. I spent my day saying: Hi!! so happy you could make it! Yes, just put the food on the table, and please find a chair...

It's also been busy at work, with a BIG proposal due very soon, and a translation contract I got right before leaving for Paris. Add all the final unpacking of boxes before the party, and last night was the first night I could sit at my loom in a long time.
But it was very much worth it...

Not my loom, but the last room to be ready, our office!
I asked my friend what colour she liked, and she said she liked them here is the first part of her baby blanket, with all the colours I have! I love the pattern! (although I obviously made a mistake in the first red part...)
I didn't touch my sewing since the last time I wrote, although I now have enough books, fabric, buttons and ribbons to make myself a whole wardrobe, but that will be the topic of my next post.

I didn't get to knit much either, so I'll work on something for another a later post as well. But I still didn't find the knitting a lost a few weeks ago. And I'm convinced that for some odd reason, my camera charger was in that same bag. (I went to buy an emergency one 10 minutes before the store closed the day before I left for Paris).

Anyway, good night! I decided to go to bed early tonight, for the first time since I got back from vacations (yeah, a need more vacations now...)

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