Friday, July 5, 2013

Last post, part 2

I just realized last night that over half of my last post did not appear when I pressed published...I never intended to write only about how I felt about my new age...there is way more to say about everything else I'm trying to make these days!

The last words of the last post were: I although I lost my text, let's try to get back to what I was saying...

I started sewing a new dress with my friend from the farmers and the bus. This is the pattern, and this is the fabric, bought in Paris:

It's a bit thick and stiff, so I'm a bit worried about the final result, but I think it's cuuuute!
Of course, we had to modify the pattern quite a bit to fit me. Thank god for my friend who does have a strong spatial intelligence, because I would never have been able to do it by myself, although we used a technique found in this book, which I find much easier than what I did in my sewing class with my blouse.

I'm also been knitting a little bit on my Graylina:

In other news:
- I'm very proud and happy to say that my man has finished his Master's classes. There is an essay left, but no more weekends in Québec City, nor group papers to write for him! Hurrah!
- The baby I knitted booties for a few weeks ago is here! We visited her and her parents last weekend, and she is sooo cute and tiny and perfect...
- This weekend, my man and I are going to the festival where we met 9 years ago. I am not volunteering this year, but he is, although not full time. I  was not going to go, in case he was called and I had to spend the weekend by myself, until I heard that one of my good friends from Toronto, who I never get to see, is also going as a musician. Add that to the fact that I know a lot of the other volunteers, and ha, just like that, I booked a nice hotel room (how classy! we always slept in very small bunk beds with a lot of people in a gym as volunteers!), and we are going there as tourists to party with our friends! Moreover, some other friends wanted to go to the same city on Saturday morning to go shopping for fabric. How perfect is this going to be? ah, being 40 and being able to do that is nice, after all! :-)
There were maybe other news in the post that didn't get posted, but I can't remember what they were.
Have a great weekend!

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