Monday, December 23, 2013

2 days in Kuala Lumpur

So, what to say about KL? The 2 words that come to my mind are:  hot and overwhelming!
I think that the stress and tiredness of the past few months and of the trip + jetlag + the intense heat and humidity of the city caught up on us, minus the adrenaline of the exotism we felt in China, so we probably did not take advantage of the city as much as we could have.
Moreover, this city is truly overwhelming, it's like landing in 3 countries at once, between Indian, Malaysian and Chinese people. And the contrasts...We've been in the most elegant shopping malls I've ever seen, and in awesome markets that were quite messy (guess what I prefered...). The sounds of the calls for the prayer are followed by the churches' bells, and we can hear Christmas carolls everywhere. I'm happy we'll be back for a few days at the end of our trip, so we'll be able to better explore it.

Biggest shopping mall I ever saw, with a lot of people!

Christmas is really a commercial event here...

Food is awesome

KL aquaria

KL park

Mix of cultures

Wet market

Breakfast options at Imbi market

What we finally had

My breakfast being prepared

Pedestrian-friendly sidewalks in the air

We're now in Kuching, Borneo. More pictures to come!
Merry Christmas!

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