Saturday, January 4, 2014

More of Borneo

The last time I wrote, we were just arriving in a resort in Labuan, where we just spent a few days of doing almost nothing. The beach was not that great to swim in, but I loved the pool. Unfortunately, it was so hot so early in the morning that we both burned and got a mild heat stroke, so we ended up spending a lot of time in our a\c-ed room watching BBC news and bad movies.

Our resort

Pool attire. Speedos are ok, but not sexy shorts? 

At the birds park

My favourite soup from breakfast!!!

Malaysian karaoke on the ferry to Kota Kinebalu

...that gave me a few hours of knitting! 
We've also spent a few days in Kota Kinebalu, the capital of the Sabah state. I really liked this town, especially the food!

Pick your fish or sea food, tell them how you want it cook, and wait a few minutes...

At the market, I guess it is dried fish? 

At the market

food court buffet yummy food

at the food court, you can pick your coconut and they open it for you to drink

Next was Sepilok, land of apes and monkeys! Pictures coming soon!

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