Sunday, June 1, 2014

Almost 2 months later...

I have no idea where the time went. I've been wanting to write, but each time, I thought about pictures that should be taken, downloaded and played with, and I didn't have the courage to do it. But I took pictures in the past few weeks, so here are a few things that I've finished, that I'm currently working on, or planning to work on very soon!

First, the dress. After almost a year working on it, it is finished, and it is, I think, perfect. I got a lot of compliments on it, and not only from people who know knew I had sewn it!

Wearing my new dress in NYC
We (my sewing teacher and I) had to modify the original pattern (Gertie's shirt-dress) a lot, not only because it didn't work on me, but also because the fabric (bought last year in Paris...sounds good, no?) is much thicker than what she used . But now, I have the adapted pattern, and I'm hoping to make another one, I don't want to have worked that much for only one dress! 

So, as you can see from that picture, I was recently in New York! One of my man's close friend is turning 40 this year, and his girlfriend planned a secret trip to NY for him. He thought he was going fishing with his friends, but then we told him we had his passport, a 2nd suitcase with clean clothes, and that an extra day off had been taken care for on Monday. 10 of us spent last weekend there, just discovering the city. It was a lot of fun. 

I didn't do the me-made-May thing going around in the blog world, because I don't have enough home made clothes for that, but I did a me-made-NY. I left on Friday wearing my tunic (picture in previous post), wore my new dress on Saturday, a skirt I made last year on Sunday,  
Me-made skirt in Little Italy
and a brand new top that I had just finished the previous week on my way home: 

Me made new top
That's actually a muslin to make sure that all the alterations we made on a pattern would work, but it is wearable. And I decided that I don't like that pattern, so I'm not going to make the real version.

I've started the summer session of my sewing class with a few less complicated projects. It's a lot of fun. There is 3 weeks left and I'm hoping to have the time to make these pieces (not going to happen, but I might be able to finish them before I start again in September).

Working on the top I brought to NY

I'm making a top from that pattern, because I don't have enough fabric for the whole dress. 

Cute Japanese top

and hopefully a cute Japanese skirt
I also cut the pieces for a 3-tier skirt, which I would really like to bring to the Hungarian dance camp I'm going to in a few weeks.

I've also finally finished hemming this blanket, now to find a way to add a little border to it:

Henry's future blanket

Talking about weaving, I'm almost done my last baby blanket:

Victor's future blanket
 However, I discovered a boo-boo in the warp:

End of warp
I don't know if you can see the 10th inch from the right? Yeah, the one that is a yard shorter? I guess we forgot a turn when we did that one. After spending some time being sad at the idea to waste 39 x 1 yard, I decided that I will separate that last yard into 2 narrower pieces. Hopefully it will lead to something, I just don't know what, yet, but it's going to be fun to experiment with colours and patterns!

The last thing I'm working on is this cute little baby cardigan, for a future Alice who should be with us in a few days:

Alice's future cardigan. 
It's Matinee jacket, from Vintage knits for modern babies, in Berroco Vintage DK breezeway. I love it, it's so classic. Driving down to NY from here helped a lot, as I was able to knit for several hours in a row.

Lately, I calculated how many people I know who just had a baby and didn't not receive anything from me yet. and how many more are expecting, and I came up with a total of 9. NINE! That's crazy, I just can't keep up with you, friends! I'll have to keep knitting for size 6 to 12 months, so even if I'm done after they arrive, it will still fit them. And I don't really see me getting anything new anytime soon!

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