Thursday, June 30, 2011

consequences of randomness

So, last week I was telling you about how zen I was about randomly decreasing my cardigan's left front.
Well, yesterday, after finishing the right front, I was a little less calm about it.
yeah...not at all the same length...
Actually the 2nd side is the right length. I guess all that is left for me to do is to rip the left side, and try to redo it following the randomness of the 2nd one. Hopefully I can do it quickly, I'm still hoping to wear it on July 20, in the plane.

Until then, I can at least enjoy how beautiful the lace is (that's what sold me to the idea of knitting this as a first project, even if it was an intermediate pattern).

Talking about the trip, after planning what feels like every single minute of the 4 weeks I will spend in Transylvania, it is now time to start thinking of the knitting part. I'm planning on bringing a pair of socks, so I finally learn how to knit them. All bloggers will suggest you socks, which are easy to carry and to knit anywhere.

But I also want to start something more substantial, after I'm done with my current cardigan.
I'm hesitating between the following:
1. Buttercup, which looks easy enough with just a little of lace to make it interesting.
2. Yoga wrap, which looks just easy.
3. Lauriel, not as easy, but oh so pretty...

I'm going back to Montreal to get my passport on July 13th, and I'll get my yarn at the same time, so feel free to comment to let me know what you think I should start.

On other news:
Weaving: 2 more inches. putting all my energy and time on the cardigan.
Sewing: pfew, still not over that size thing.
Gardening: things are starting to look like future vegetables on my balcony

Have a nice long weekend!

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