Friday, October 14, 2011


  I have not been very good at keeping up with my blog this summer.
Not that I had nothing to write about! I probably have enough to write a novel, with :
- A wonderful month in Transylvania, visiting friends and learning a lot about embroidery, Hungarian language and new recipes
- 1 week in Lilloet and Vancouver with my man
- an urban garden that gave a lot of dill and cherry tomatoes, and not too many cucumbers nor peas...
- a half day a week added to my part-time job
- a new busy role on the Board of our local craft association
- a new certificate in translation
- several translation contracts
- a quilt course
- a hardanger course, and
- as of this morning, a new pilates course.

Thank God I have a 16Gig card in my camera...

So, anyway, I have a lot to write about in the future, but I'm starting with the end and what I did last weekend, which was Thanksgiving here. It was a beautiful, beautiful weekend in the Mauricie, and we decided to go camping at the camping site where we usually go. I love this place; it's quiet, it's beautiful, and it is close by.

We brought my canoe (birthday present from my man...Did I need a canoe? Did I ask for a canoe? Noooo.....But after this weekend, I'm so happy to own one! )

It's was a warm weekend, so camping was very comfortable. I was hoping to walk a lot around the lake and go to a lookout, but because it is hunting season, it was not recommended. So we went on the lake instead, 3 times in 2 days. The colours were out, and it felt just amazing to be in the middle of them. Most of my pictures were taken on Sunday morning, when I went out by myself at 7:00am. I was totally alone on the lake, except for 2 loons who were up already.My man and I went back later on, before going back home, and this time we shared the lake with a couple of Mergansers. 


  1. 2 months in Transylvania? A-t-on fait le même voyage? :P

  2. Oups, c'est le change!