Sunday, December 11, 2011

back to some productivity

As you know, because I keep repeating myself a lot here, I have a lot of things I would like to finish before the end of the year. So, this week, I kicked my bum a little bit, and finished my present for one of my ex-colleague's baby (born at the end of October, I hope she is as little as her mum is and that it will still fit her when I mail it this week.)

It's full of very obvious mistakes, the buttons are not well placed, the sleeves are pulling in a weird way, and it is still missing a button (I realised last night while sewing them on that 3 x 3 buttons = 9, while 2 x 5 buttonholes = 10 - Did I mention that the snow and the sun have disappeared again, and that I am back to my November fog?) but I still really like it. It is made with my favourite yarn (Berocco Vintage), which is soft and easy to knit.  My plan was to make a second panel, but I'm just can't knit that quickly. I'll try to make another one if I see that it might fit a few more months when she receives it.

On the side of the (in)famous cardigan, the extra inch has been added in the back, and now I need to graft the neckband. That's it! 3 cm wide of grafting! I just need to figure out how to do it, although it is very well explained in the pattern. It is a lovely pattern, with lots of picture, diagrams and explanations (4 pages!) but somehow, I always feel like I keep discovering things I need to go to finish the cardigan. But I swear, I will finish it. This year. Hopefully before Christmas.

 Talking about Christmas, I'm not a big fan (I'm probably the only crafter-blogger on the planet who is not a fan, but that's ok). Too much drama, too much stress, too much running around spending money. I am, however, a fan of the season change and of the days starting to get longer again, so I'm willing to get in a festive mood just for that. So we'll eventually install some lights in our windows, and we already got this in the front of the house:

Pine wreath made by my man from left overs bought at the Christmas tree shop, bow made by the ex-florist employee (me).

Have a good week! Hope to get back with more finished items next week!

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