Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yeah, it's December!

AAhh, it's been over a month since I last wrote something? 
It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say, it’s more that November was dark and cold and wet...I just can’t survive, never mind accomplish anything in these conditions. (I also think that a month starting by "No" just can't be positive, really). 

My man thinks I’m obsessed with light - he would be very happy to use the ceilings lights only, but I bought a several extra table-top lamps for each room of the house. I thought it was because, generally, it is just more civilised to have several types of lighting in a room, but it might be more than that. I just can’t function if I don’t have enough of the right type of light. Even if I have done a lot of things this past month, everything has been done as if I was on an automatic pilot, nothing was done well, and mostly, nothing has been finished. I NEED LIGHT!!!!

Craft Project management system. The only thing I finished this month was a new bag (the brown, green and pink one) to carry my hardhanger embroidery.

Oh, how I was looking for the snow and the beautiful reflection of the sun on it to give me back my energy! Sun was announced for today, and, as a result, I got up before dawn, full of energy. 

My backyard this morning, sun reflecting on the snow, at last!!!
For those wondering why I have such an empty backyard, it is the result of this: 
Yes, it was a stressful evening. Me, the over-organised person, just froze, and for a few seconds, I had no idea what to take with me when we got evacuated. Standing on a sidewalk for several hours, waiting to see if you will loose everything  without being able to do anything is really, really stressful and exhausting. When we were finally authorized to go back in, I slept like a baby, and woke up sore from the stress.

But back to December. Things have been started in the past months, and since November ended this week, I am confident that December will bring me a lot of finished items, leaving me with a whole new list of things to start in the New Year. My first step of finishing things was to visit my friend Elizabeth, knitter and designer extraordinaire, to ask her to help me figure out how to finish the last inch (1 inch!!) of the cardigan I have been trying to knit for over a year and a half now. Now that I know what to do, who knows, I might be able to finish it this weekend...

Talking about lists, one of the best ways to procrastinate last month had to be Pinterest.  Pinterest is awesome because it allows you to save at the same place all those things you see on the internet and don’t want to forget about in a neat way. It is also a very interesting place to do sociological and anthropological studies about the mainly North Americans users. Seeing so many references to Christianity next to recipes for the most disgusting, unhealthy food, next to pictures almost glorifying anorexia can be a little bit disturbing. I can also see patterns of an obsession for Harry Potter as well as for ranch seasoning (!?!). But in between all these, there are many inspiring quotes, tutorials, tips, great recipes and DYI ideas, and I really, really like how we can organise them all and leave comments. If this site ever disappears, I’ll be in trouble. When I go to my boards, it just makes me happy to see all those pretty things I like. You can find me here:

On this, I'm going back to my knitting! Happy Saturday, everyone! 

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