Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More of the same

I don't want to say much about the house, because I think that about 3 rows were added the the office's floor since the last time I wrote. We had a heat wave, and a tool broke.

 The good news is that we were able to clean up a bit, and we now have a fully functional kitchen, with a real table instead of a desk.

But no news from our new windows. They'll probably call to install them while we are away in (separate) vacations. I'm going to a wonderful Hungarian folk dance and music camp in Michigan for a week, while my man is going to volunteer at the folk festival where we first met 8 years ago.
Gypsy dance
I can't wait for the dance camp. It's going to be my 3rd time going. It's like a week-long family reunion for all those who love Hungarian folklore in North America, with the bonus of the best musicians and dance instructors come from Hungary to party with us teach us.  I've been part of the Hungarian community for almost 20 years now, not because I have any Hungarian blood in me, but because my interest in the Hungarian folklore led me to be interested in the more general culture, and get involved in the local community. The wonderful thing about being part of such a community is that it is linked to all the other Hungarian communities of North America, which means that I have wonderful friends all over Canada and the U.S. that I get to meet whenever there is a big Hungarian folk event.

On a the crafty side: a little bit of knitting, and that's it.

Hopefully, I'll get a lot of time to know on my way to Michigan, and during the camp. I'll take pictures!

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