Monday, July 2, 2012

Productive weekend away!

This weekend was quite productive, in terms of knitting (a little less in terms of unpacking and floors, but I'm not going to think about it).

I got a big bonus 12 hours of knitting! In a car, which means I could not get distracted by anything else but the beautiful landscape of the Bas-St-Laurent (Lower St-Laurent).

My man's ex-boss bought a woodlot in the region where he grew up, and moved there shortly after retiring last year. Ever since, the plan had been for the people who had worked with him to go visit. Since this weekend is another long weekend in Canada, a few people decided to go "Occupy St-Moïse" (that's the name of his tiny village).

It was a fantastic weekend. It was so great to be away from the house for a few days. It was quiet and relaxing, all the people who were there were awesome, and it was 6 hours away from home, which meant a lot of knitting time.

This region is one of my favourite in Québec, because it has everything:  forest, sea, fields and hills. I could have pointed at anything with my camera, and the result would have been fantastic. And this weekend, the clover fields smelled soooo good.

We took a nice walk in the woodlot

Can you see it?
Lots of wild strawberries

The view from their place
St-Moïse, 5am
On our way to Ste-Luce
Artwork in the sea
I'm not religious, but religious monuments inspire me
Same here

Here is the result of my knitting time:
An almost finished sleeve on my Peasy!
Only buttons, eyes and blocking left!
Today is reserved for packing for the camp! Talk to you soon!

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