Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter in 3R

Winter has finally hit 3R, and it ain't cheap with the snow!

Today is the 2nd snowstorm of the week. We are supposed to get up to 25 cm of snow, adding to the other 25 cm we received on earlier this week. All the schools are closed, which means that most people can start their vacations a little earlier. The university clinic where I started to work last week is also closed, so I took the opportunity to work from home.

The view from our home office
Too bad the wind and the snow flakes are not visible! 
Our backyard

Snow removal services came twice this morning
All I want to do is to eat hot soup...
...feeling warm while looking at this beautiful mess
I love snow! It finally means that the darkness is gone, and that from now on, we get this rich winter light which can be found nowhere else and that gives me so much energy. All I want to do now is to decorate the house and bake.

I will hopefully have something to show the next time I write! I'm almost done with the first skirt I've sewn, and it has been fitted by my teacher, so I'm ready to hem it by hand. My goal is to wear it on Monday for Christmas with a sweater I knitted.

I hope I'll write back before Monday, but if I don't, I wish you very happy holidays!

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