Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had great holidays. I thought mine would be quiet, but somehow we ended up having a lot of things to do, parties to attend and we just ended up running around like mad.

Except for our annual anniversary going away weekend. My man and I started going out together on a December 28, 4 years ago. I had rented a cottage, and he came to visit (we were already friends). We have been using this excuse for spending a weekend away during the holidays ever since.

This year, we ended up at Auberge Godefroy. The funny thing is that this place is exactly 8.1 km away from our place. But it doesn't matter, it was great to be away from home for a few days and not cook, do laundry, clean, and mostly, look around and note everything that still needs to be done in the house.

We used the hot baths, went snowshoeing, ate at the restaurant, spent time at the hotel's bar, read, knit, watched bad TV, played ping-pong and pool, in a word, we enjoyed ourselves.

Talking about knitting, I think my knitting energy is back.
I managed to finish a dog sweater for my sister in law's new little dog (I didn't mentioned it before because it was a surprise...). How cute is that animal? and it's smaller than a cat!

I'm also knitting my Folded at the speed of the light. What a nice pattern! I'm not so sure about the colour anymore, though. It was pretty in a skein, but I think I would have liked a sweater with less variations in the colour. But if I remember correctly,  there was no yarn of that size that was just one colour at the store when I bought it.

On the sewing side: I did wear my skirt at Christmas, as was the plan. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture, because of course we left in a hurry, having to drive 2 hours to make it on time to my parents. Also, it was not completely finished...I forgot how to make the stitch my teacher told me to use to finish the belt, so I sewed it loosely, and will redo it when I start my courses next week. Also, I lost weight when I got sick before the holidays, and so the skirt doesn't fit well anymore. I wanted to see if that weight would come back, or if I need to, once again, modify it before I finish it. Pictures coming in the next post, I promise!

Right now I'm waiting for my parents and my brother, who are coming to visit for 2 days. I hope a lot of knitting will be accomplished during that time. Who knows, I might have a new sweater to show you the next time I write!

Have a great weekend!

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