Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 miracles

Although this first week back to work was incredibly hectic, this year's first miracles managed to happen:

I have been knitting since April 2010. I've been trying to start socks since probably May 2010, but I just can't get the 4 DPN thing. I've cast on about 15 times, but I keep dropping stitches in between the needles, getting my yarn totally tangled, adding stitches in between the needles, or loosing needles at the bottom of my bag and finding the 2 first rows I had so much trouble getting done totally frogged.

So, this is the first miracle: 

It's a sleeve, not a sock...
I'm the first one to be surprised to have made it that far. And since I have been able to knit sleeves with DPN before (provided that I didn't need to cast on), I'm very hopeful that I will manage to finish it. I think that the secret might be the bamboo needles; they are not as slippery as the metal ones, and that might be why my stitches are staying in place. The plan now is to start a pair of socks, once again, with these needles to see if I'll be successful.

2nd miracle of the year (although it looks more like a major disaster on the picture...) : We finally started putting the mouldings on, which means we were able to place our shelves in their final location, and we can now empty our boxes of books. (That's today's project, although I think the shelves will need a little emptying before I can fill them again).

3rd miracle: I think my man is really fed up of mouldings, so he started to plan for the "walk-in closet room". I've been wanting the Ikea's Pax system for ever. I managed to convince my man that that was the only system we could use. We were ready to go to Ikea...and then we realised that they wouldn't fit, because our ceilings are too low. I didn't have a plan B, until my man looked on the Canadian Tire's site, and found these in super special. The day after, they were bought and installed, which liberated a tons of room that can now be organised otherwise. And for a third of the prize of the Pax, and me not having any second thought about it.

In the other crafts news, well, I was able to start my Folded sleeve because I was done with the body of the sweater:

I hope I finish it soon, because I'm looking forward to wear a pair of earrings I bought in Hungary to fit with it!
How cute? 
Last news of the week, I bought a used weaving bobbin rack on the internet, like this one (# 6362-1000), which means I will not need to borrow one when I want to warp my looms anymore. It also means that I have no more excuse not to weave...

Got to go, I have a lot of house cleaning and organising to do.
Have a great weekend!!

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