Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back to school

Although I'm not a student anymore, the "back to school" season is in full swing for me!

It started with yet another change at work: my supervisor moved from the chiropractic department to the kinetics one and I followed him. My 4th move (and 5th office) in 2½ years...

Then I started going back to the gym more regularly. Yoga twice a week, pilates and zumba once a week. I don't see any change yet, except that I'm always hungry!
Then I went back to my sewing classes. I'm starting with a pain of pants this year.
Then, with a few friends, we started meeting at a coffee place over the weekend to knit and chat. Fun!
Then I started a wine tasting class with a friend from one of my labs. I like wine, but I don't even know how to express what I like, so hopefully this will change me into a social wine drinker. I really liked my 1st class.

Meanwhile, some stuff also gets done!

Like this vest:

Ok, still missing the buttons, but I'm almost there

It's warm, it's red, and it's lacy. Love. 
And like these blankets, finally off the loom:

I also started this, which may travel across the ocean if everything goes according to plans:

And these soups:

I bought a big bag of carrots, because they were on special, but of course, being 2, there is absolutely no way we can eat them all. So this morning, I took out my big canning pot and made soup. I started with onions, carrots and broth, and then divided the soup and 2 and made a batch of tarragon-cumin-carrot, and another batch of curry-ginger-cumin-carrot. I put them in mason jars, and will freeze them, this way I will have easy lunches to bring with me. I think that making 19 jars cost me less than $10, thanks to the super sales on onions and carrots!

Otherwise, life is busy but good. I keep celebrating my 40th birthday over and over. Thursday, my man and I went to a local spa for dinner and baths. I used a gift certificate I received from one of my labs last June. It was a wonderful evening, and I finally discovered which is my favourite restaurant in 3R!
Then, on Saturday, we went to Magasin general Lebrun , an old fashion general store that doubles as a museum and concert hall. I had received tickets for the traditional male a cappella band Les Charbonniers de l'enfer (Hell' charcoal-makers). It was wonderful, and as you can see, we couldn't have been closer to the band! 

The other thing that keeps reminding me of my big 4-0 is that we are busy organizing our big trip! Montreal-Vancouver-Shanghai-Kuala Lumpur-Borneo-Singapour and back! All our planes tickets are bought, and most of our hotels are booked. We are getting our vaccines this week, and then all we'll have to do is to wait for December to arrive! 

Have a good week! 

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