Monday, October 14, 2013


I think that October is my favourite month of the year.  I love the colours, I love the weather that is warm one day, and cooler the next, so we can enjoy long walks outside as well as cozy, homey activities, such as making soups. I didn't realize how much I love October until last year, we were in Transylvania for 2 weeks in October, and it was a chock for me to be away from here.
I missed this:

Not that Transylvania is not full of trees in the fall, but they become yellow. Not orange, and not red. And I missed that a lot last year.

However, this year is a busy October, and I'm not taking advantage of it as much as I should. Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, and I've been so busy that I didn't plan anything outside of home for the weekend. I mean, I had plans, but they were not well thought out, and didn't happen. With the big trip coming, I don't mind that much, but for sure next year I want to rent a cottage and spend some time in the forest!

So, besides my busy work (sending funding proposals and bursary applications all over the place), I've been busy with the wine class (I love it, but I realize how much more there is to learn...), trying to to make it to all my yoga, zumba and pilates classes (not as successful I I would have wished when the semester started), trying to make things (not to bad, considering the little time I have to invest) and cooking things.

In the making things, I managed to finish these for little Victor, born in the Nederlands last week (a few days early, I must say, so for once, it's not my fault he didn't get them before he arrived!)

I now need to start a few more baby items (everybody is having babies around me. EVERYBODY!). I also want to start Fuse , a pattern I bought last year and didn't get around to start yet. This morning, I went to our weekly coffee gathering, and I did the swatch. I think I will like it a lot! And I love the yarn I bought for it.

Talking about our coffee gathering, I'm very proud to report that we got a few regular knitters joining almost every week, and that 2 of the new learners have completed, or are very near completion of their first F.O.! I'm just so proud...

The other thing I finished is the hem of this woven baby blanket. (to see the pattern, it's the picture above).

I've decided not to add a crochet edge on the blanket. The main reason is that I still don't know how to crochet. The 2nd reason is that I washed the 1st blanket, which shrank significantly. I knew it would, so it's not a problem, but I forgot to do the lace and attach it before I washed the blanket. Bad idea. I feel that by the time I try to figure out how to crochet, and calculate how much of the lace would shrink, etc. I will never send out the blanket. My dilemma was then: do I wait, and potentially never send those thing to the babies, or do I take a big breath, decide that the blankets are already quite nice, and send them so they can actually be used?
I chose option 2, and the 2nd blanket is currently being washed so I can send it out tomorrow.

I guess I'll be perfect in another life...or with another baby. Meanwhile, I will try to start my next blanket this afternoon, to get back into the weaving mood.

More news soon! Have a good week!

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