Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mid-February, already?

I can't believe it, it's already February 12.

It means that I finish my contract with Equitas, where I've worked for the past 5 years in a month in a half, it means I started my new contract in 3R a month ago. Time flies...

The last month has not been so busy, just tiring. I knew that switching from a job to another every day would not be easy, but I did not realise it would be so tiring to finish so many reports and proposals while learning a lot about the university and about chiropractic in general. Since there is a chiropractic clinic at the university, I decided to try it (I can get some treatments for free as an employee!) instead of starting to look for a new osteopath in 3R. I really like the fact that I am being seen by a very eager students and a clinician who is overlooking everything, so it is as if I always get a double opinion. However, I must say that if they were able to confirm some things I had been told by osteopaths over the years, they were also able to go much further in the diagnostics and treatments. So, it turns out I have spina bifida. Scary to hear at first, but from what they told me, nothing to worry about, about 15% of people have it and do not even know about it. The other thing is that now that I see them twice a week, I feel my back non-stop. It's not very painful, but it is always there, something that was adjusted and that is not yet comfortable. I think it all adds up to why I am feel so tired. But it is still better than the neck pain I have been having over the past few months!

Anyway, all that to say that I have not progressed much on any of my knittings. Another reason why I have not progressed much on any thing is that my office looks like this:

my very messy office
The good news is that I own a loom! It is the very same loom I practiced on at the Farmers' hall, and the same loom that my teacher has (I think), so I should be able to get support if needed when I warp it. My man and I took a little to Beauce a few weeks ago to go get it. Bad news is that that loom takes a lot of room my already crowded office, so right now, I only go in to sit in front of the computer.

Today is the day we make room for the the loom, so my only plan is to clean up my office, figure out where to put my stuff so there is room for everything, and DO IT!. The weather is not really nice (snow squall watch in effect for the region), so it will be a perfect activity for us.

I hope to have new pictures of my clean, efficient office tomorrow. Hopefully by then I will have found my camera and battery charger, so I can take better pictures than with my ipod..

One last thing: Happy Valentine's day, if I don't come back before Monday!

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