Tuesday, February 22, 2011

so many things to talk about

I'm not very consistent in my writing. It's mostly because I am not very good at taking pictures during the day. When I think about it, it's too dark to get something nice, especially that I have been taking them with my ipod (too lazy/busy to charge my camera's batteries and download the pictures), although I just got a new memory drive that should make it much easier to keep my pictures in a kind of organised way.

So, I'm not even home now, and of course I forgot my ipod and I have no camera with me, but, I will very soon come back with pictures of:
  • semi-organised office (which means: room was made for the loom, clean up will come soon)
  • first finished woven dishtowel ever! (well, I still need to finish it..I mean, sew its hems)
  • first finished knitted thing (I mean, that was more than a square in stockinette stitch). It's a hat that I started a month ago after I went shopping in Montreal. Someone who saw the finished product already asked me for one...I can't believe it. I'm a knitter! 

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