Thursday, February 24, 2011

some pictures

I am working from home today so I was able to take a few minutes to take pictures of the dishtowel I weaved. I also found some other pictures on my camera of something I embroidered a while ago and gave to my mum for her 70th birthday in May. My friend Kim also took pictures of the hat I finished this weekend, and promised to send them to me. That will be for the next post.

So, first, the dishtowel ( I still need to finish it):

my first woven piece!

What I am the most proud of is that I went from these bumpy edges:

to this:

Much better, no? I can't wait to start all over again on my loom.

Now, the embroidered piece...I bought this in Prague back in ...1999...I also bought the thread, and I even started it then. And then I stopped for a few years...and I went back to it...and stopped again...and then decided that that was ridiculous! (I also needed something very quickly for my mum!)

I really like it because it is simple and elegant.

It's not the oldest thing I  started and finished late. I still have a monster Kalocsai multicoloured tablecloth I bought in Budapest in 1992...I really don't seem to be able to finish that one. I get sick of it every time I  go  back to it, to the point where I almost decided once to cut it in 4 pieces, so I could at least finish one. I didn't do it, and it is still waiting for me to get back to it. I did some embroidery not long ago for the present of an expecting colleague, and it was not too bad. I think I will feel like going back to this one soon.

So many things to do, so little time...

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