Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Going crazy

I'm going to my 2nd crazy quilting (or crazy patchwork, not sure which term is more used, I think patchwork is the proper one) tonight.

I'm not a natural seamstress but I really enjoyed this class where we put material next to each other, and then we cut, and we sewed, and we cut and sewed some more, with a little bit of ironing in between. (It's the simplified version of the real crazy quilting, but it is good enough for me).

So far, here is the result of my 6 future aprons.There is a little bit more cutting, assembling, ironing and sewing waiting to happen, plus adding some batting and embroidering (machine embroidery!)
My man already decided he won't eat on them, too afraid to get them dirty (I guess that means he finds them pretty?).

That's giving me a lot more ideas for other things in the future...but I must start by finishing this (or anything!) first.

Now back to my knitting.

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