Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finishitis crisis

I can't believe it. My Ravelry page has only 2 WIP (work in progress). My man's R2Dtuque, and a hibernating baby blanket which I started over a year ago, but never touched again.

I finished another project this weekend.
Clearly needs to be blocked.
This is the project I brought with me on vacations this summer, it is this pattern, but with a little adjustment in the front. I chose it mainly because it was an easy knit, and because I could use my favourite yarn (berroco vintage). Seriously, this company should sponsor me, I'm doing such a good job at promoting their yarn!

So basically, this sweater was knitted all over Canada and Europe. I started it in the bus from Trois-Rivières to Montréal, and kept knitting a little bit in the plane from Montreal to Budapest (with a short stop in Zurich).  Then, I was able to do most of the back in a long overnight bus trip from Budapest to Parajd, in Transylvania (Romania). I completely finished the back and started the front in a gypsy dance camp in Kommando, Transylvania. My time in Gyimes was spent mostly trying to untangle my yarn, and our overnight train ride from Gyimes to Maramures, which was spent in part trying to explain (in Romanian) what we were doing to people who were sitting with us, and in part knitting the front pieces.
I knitted some more on our back to Montreal, and then worked on the sleeves (boring!) a week later in the plane on my way to Vancouver. I was also planning to knit a bit more in the car on our way to Lilloet, but the landscape was just too stunning to be doing anything else but watch and drool.

After finishing a bunch of things in the past weeks, I went back to this project and was able to finish it without any trouble. The fact that I spent 2 days in Montreal last weekend (2-hour bus ride + a few hours spent with my mother) gave me ample time to finish it. As usual, my mum jumped on my knitting bag as soon as I arrived, and without saying a word, started to knit whatever she found. We went out brunching on Saturday morning for my father's birthday, and while we were finishing our Iranian tea (miam!) I grabbed something I'm knitting for one of my man's colleagues who just had a daughter, and gave my mum this sweater to work on. I felt like a mother who is giving her baby her set of keys, or whatever she finds in her bag to keep her quiet while she talks with other adults...

Next trip to Montreal: January 27, where I will buy a lot of yarn! Thank you for all that gave me comments after my last post, I ended up buying Fuse, Peasy and Folded (I already had Lauriel). It's going to be a busy knitting year! For portable project, I'm planning on learning how to knit socks and slippers, starting with these.

Have a great day! There is a snow storm warning in effect here, too bad I have to go to work this afternoon!

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