Saturday, January 7, 2012

Respecting my resolutions

It had been on my to-do list or my agenda for 20 months!

Entries such as:
- Wednesday: pilates and learning to knit at Elizabeth's
- buy yarn and needle to make sweater
- finish casting on sweater
- ask Elizabeth how to fix mistake on red sweater
- ask Elizabeth how to fix mistake in Swiss fan
- knit an inch of red sweater
- ask Elizabeth how to fix mistake on red sweater
- start sleeves on red sweater
- ask Elizabeth how to fix mistake on red sweater
- Skype knitting session with Elizabeth to fix mistake on red sweater
- red sweater
- ask Elizabeth how to fix mistake on red sweater
- finish red sweater so I can bring on vacation
- red sweater
- finish red sweater's sleeves,
- ask Elizabeth how to fix mistake on red sweater
- knit red sweater and finish collar, 
- and at least 100's more similar entries...

until December 26, 2011: 
- organise skype session with Elizabeth to learn how to graft those last 16 stitches!!!

And it happened 2 days ago:

This is the sweater that started it all.
This is the sweater that finally made me think, after watching my own mother knit for over 36 year, that knitting could be a fun thing to try. This is the sweater that showed me that I am quite stubborn, and that even after 2 years, and several infidelities with other projects, I always go back to finish what I started. That's the sweater that taught me pretty much all I know about knitting, especially how to fix my mistakes, and how to get more and more independent in my learning (but not totally yet...). This is the sweater that helped me start a different relationship with my mum, with whom I now share the same passion (not always fun for my dad, who often has to be the witness of our long discussions...).

After 2 years of intense manipulations...

After having been my go-to project for the past 2 years, I think I will miss knitting it very much. I even started to think that I should maybe knit it again with nicer yarn (I had bought cheap yarn because I didn't know if I would be able to finish it). It would be interesting to see how long it takes me, the 2nd time around. But I think I need to start another big project as soon as possible instead. I'm hesitating in between a few patterns:

- Peasy by Heidi Kirrmaier (sorry, I can only find a Ravelry link)
- Folded byVeera Välimäki
- Lauriel by Ysolda Teagues
-Fall away cardigan, by Heidi Kirrmaier
and my latest favourite, published a few days ago only, but is already all over Pinterest and other blogs, made with my favourite yarn (but it looks very difficult!):
- Fuse, by Veronik Avery

I take suggestions, and I'm open to starting more than one, so I still have something to knit when I'm stuck with mistakes in the other project...

Until I make a decision and get the yarn, I still have my R2Dtuque to finish, and a few more baby projects to get on the way. Another baby was born yesterday, if everything went well, and another one is due in 13 weeks. I love baby projects, they go so fast! Keep having babies, friends! 


  1. I just love this sweater and the colour! If you ever have the urge to knit it again, you could always knit me one! :O)

    I can't knit at all... but if it were me, my first choices out of your projects would be 1. Peasy and then 2. Laurel... I really like those two the best. The others are nice, but these two spoke to me.

  2. Yeah! I'm really leaning toward peasy as well...I'm just wondering how much I will have to modify the Lauriel to fit me well, since I am big but petite at the same time...

  3. Congratulations, Gen!!! It looks so lovely on you! I hope you wear it to the workshop in February, so I can see it in person!

  4. I vote for Lauriel and/or Fuse....they'd both look great on you!

  5. I vote for Peasy or Fuse.

    Peasy looks easier and is knit from the top-down so the hardest part (lace) is done first.

    Fuse is so pretty! Plus you already know how to do raglan shaping and how to Kitchener stitch (graft) the stitches at the back of the neckband.

    Both are knit mostly in one piece so it also depends whether you want a more portable project or less finishing to do?