Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back to the loom

Yesterday, my man and I went to Montreal for a Hungarian party at a workshop that brought together Hungarian dancers and musicians from all over North America and teachers and musicians from Transylvania.

We got there early, and enjoyed listening to music while chatting, knitting (all my knitting friends were there!) and drinking my favourite winter drink, a sarlotka (zubrowka vodka and old style apple juice). (I have some pictures, but did not ask anyone if I could post them, so they're only on my facebook, where only my friends can see them). So you'll have to take my word that it was a wonderful day! It was so great to see everybody, hear live Hungarian music again and dance a bit!

On the 2 hours-long trip there, my man reminded me that I should really get going with my weaving, if I want to be able to move my loom at the end of May. It's been warped for about a year now, and I had only about 34 inches woven on it. I got distracted by my several knitting project over the past few months, but I really have to weave more!

First finished piece + beginning of the 2nd one

We calculated with the 15 yards I warped, I need to weave at least 5 inches every day until the move to make sure we can dismantle the loom on time. So I started tonight, finishing my first 36'' long piece, and starting a 2nd one. I had forgotten how physical weaving could be, after a few minutes, I had to take my sweater off, I was so hot. That should be a good incentive to sit at my loom more often!

Change in pattern
For the 2nd piece, I changed the pattern to weave waffled fabric. I really like it, even if the pedal sequence is a bit more complex than the one for the first piece.

Both patterns
For the patterns, I use a book that I was given to me by the person who sold me my loom. It was written in 1974 by the Quebec Ministry of agriculture (?). It's very easy to follow, and perfect for someone who is still experimenting like me.
I'm doing the #3 now

5 inches - check!


  1. So nice Gen! I really need to cut off my bathmats so I can start my next project. I think a tablecloth will be next for me or maybe some more dish towels.

    It was great to see you this past weekend!

  2. Yes, it was great and way too short!
    I can't wait to go back and get some knitting/tea/chat time with you.