Saturday, February 4, 2012

Miserable failure

So, I knitted the R2DTuque.

It looked like this: 
Very small, tight and pointy R2Dtuque
The top part got so tight because of how I carried the 2nd colour, it changed the whole shape of the hat. So now it is back looking like this:

I think I'll just do the 2nd row of blue in one colour, and embroider the few grey stitches on top. I just need a few hours of quiet time by myself to figure it out and redo it.

In other news, I did get the chance to go yarn shopping when I went to Montreal last week, and ended with the following:

which, once swatched, look like this:

The red will become peasy, and the purpleish should become this, for another one of my friends who is expecting a healthy little girl!

so exciting! Can't wait to cast on!

Have a good weekend!

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