Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring might be coming to 3R as well...

After a few surprisingly beautiful days in March, that made us believe spring would be early this year, the weather went back to its normal spring blah in the past few weeks. Spring is not a nice season in Québec. It's grey, dirty, and it takes forever to see anything green. I get really jealous to see pictures and updates from Facebook friends who have tulips in their garden, or who are posting beautiful pictures of fruits trees in flowers. The only reason we know it is spring is that it's past March 21.

When do we usually know that it is really spring, and that we can expect nice weather? When the geese come back from the south:

Pictures from April 2010, we did not have the time to go this year
In 3R, the geese started to arrive on March 18 this year, a few weeks after they arrived on the south shore, but still wayyyy earlier than usual. It was a beautiful day, and they obviously got confused about what date it was. I hope they are well, because we had snow and cold temperature since they made it here.

However, I think this weekend might be the real beginning of spring. Here are a few signs:

Costo mango, Asian pears and lettuce containers as mini greenhouses
 A new tenant! A chickadee made a nest in there this week, after it was left empty last year
Urban garden is ready to go (as soon as it stops freezing at night)
Another sign is that I'm getting productive again! I got a few weeks where I just wanted to go to bed as soon as I got home. Maybe it was just starting to work full time again that did that, or trying to get organised despite a schedule that changed every 2 days in the past 2 weeks. I was working for the chiro lab 3 days/week since September. I added 2 days/week in the cardio lab 2 weeks ago. A few days later, my chiro boss asked me if I would like to work a little less for him this summer, since he won't be too busy, and this would help stretch his budget to keep me longer. Super! Then, on Thursday, I was asked to work an extra day/week for the cardio lab. I'm going to try to only add half a day, since I already have a bunch of appointments and other things scheduled for may, such as getting a house, painting it, changing its windows and its floor, and moving into it! So hopefully the 4½ days/week will work, and that schedule will remain the same until the end of this contract (end of August).

So, I did not get much time to knit and weave since the last time I wrote. If you recall, nothing was quite working, and that's how it was until this weekend. I saw my mother on Saturday, and asked her about Peasy. She could not tell me anything new, except that what I had done was right, but in my head, it was still wrong. This morning, I woke up, having decided to just get through it, and yes, it was ok. I have no idea if it got fixed, or if I was wrong all along and it was ok, and I just realised this this morning, but it doesn't matter. I can now go ahead with it. I started the front lace, and I think it will be quite easy, it is very, very well written.

I had another nice surprise this weekend.
I realised that this weaving pattern, which I thought was boring because it was not colourful enough:

looked like this underneath:


So I am a happy crafter.

Today is the last day of my 4-day Easter weekend (good way to start working full time, no?). I think I'll use it to finish another woven piece.

Talk to you soon!

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