Saturday, March 24, 2012

Retail therapy

I don't know why I woke up feeling blah this morning.

I had a good week, once again full of good news. I'm starting working full time on Monday, passing from 3 to 5 days a week which will mean an interesting improvement to my income, right on time for the renos and the move to the new house.

I learned this week that a brand new yarn shop is going to open soon a corner away from here. Hurray!

Last night I had a wonderful evening, the City of 3R was awarded another prize, and my man invited me to come along to the cocktail reception that took place. Yummy tapas and lots of Portuguese wine, yum! 

It might be that I am a little sad to loose the free time I had when I worked 3 days a week;

It might be that I'm now going to have to look for a dentist and a hairdresser here, and abandon the ones I still had in Montreal because I will not be able to go visit them on my days off anymore (actually, it really means that my links to Montreal are getting weaker and weaker...);

It might be that I had insomnia all week;

It might be that I didn't go to Pilates yesterday; 

It might be that I am not inspired by my latest pattern on the loom:

Left: fun. Right: boring colours, boring treadling.

It might be that I tried about 10 times to start knitting on double-pointed needles this week, to practice, to try to knit socks, to try to knit booties, and no, it's just not working;

It might be that I find I'm not learning crochet fast enough; 

It might be that my beautiful Peasy, after many tries, still looks like this:

Frogged twice, tink-ed several times, and it is still not working.
It might just be (and I suspect it is...) that I did not drink enough water last night when we arrived from the awards, and that I'm dehydrated. (Actually, I'm pretty sure that's it).

Anyway, I spent my morning at Winners to get myself in a better mood, and scored big!  My favourite items:

All fun items to move, right? The pot-holders are from Poland (Ceramika Bolesławiec). I've seen some when I was in Poland, and my former landlady had a collection. I love that I can display my newly acquired pieces in a useful way (I'm not really a big fan of putting plates on the wall where they mostly collect dust, although it is something very popular in all of Eastern Europe). 

Shopping is not over, we are invited tonight to our future house to pick what we would like to keep. I can't wait! 

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