Thursday, March 8, 2012

Back to my normal mistakes

I was able to weave and knit a little more this week, slightly stressed by the fact that a loom has to be moved, and a baby will soon come. I'm not even going to talk about my future peasy, there are too many other priorities right now. Such as 5 expecting friends. 5. Five. Cinq. What??? (Well, as of Monday, it is actually 4 expecting friends, and a newborn).  How did that happen? Where did I meet all these baby-makers??? Fortunately, they're not all close friends, and some probably don't know I knit, and don't expect anything, but on the other hand, I find that one of the greatest pleasures of knowing how to knit is to be able to give people special presents. I'll see what I can manage to do, I've been having a lot of insomnia lately, I could put that time to good use.

Talking about baby knit, I got a little further with my cardigan. I'm even learning to knit with double pointed needles for it, happy to know that I will eventually be able to use that skill for a future pair of socks. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at keeping all my stitches on my needles, and currently, after I almost lost it yesterday, the cardigan looks like this:

Not too bad, except for this:

There is a whole in my sleeve :-(
I'm not sure what to do, so I'm using my favourite strategy, which is to leave it aside until tomorrow morning, when I'll have a clearer mind, and will be able to TINK it. (I just learned that word from a very funny video I discovered this week:

Meanwhile, in weaving land, all is good. I was able to start and weave over 20 inches of piece #3, and I think it is my favourite pattern so far. It is also an easy pattern, but very quick to weave because there are several different  steps in the treadling (It's goes much faster if I check how many more inches I have after doing 2 or 3 times a six-step treadling, than if I check after 2 or 3 2-steps one). I know, I'm not patient, but I'm on a deadline!

End of previous piece, beginning of the new one. It's crazy what the difference the pedals' order can make! 
Details of the new piece. I love it.

 And here is the system I described in my last post, for the broken threads.

I can manage how long I want the correct thread to be.
The weights in the recipient help keeping the right tension.
My goal is to finish the baby piece and this 3rd woven piece for Monday. I have a meeting with my Farmers' circle on Monday, where we usually bring our F.O. to share with other crafters, and I've been able to bring something in November, January and February. I would really like to have something to show at each meeting until the end of the year (June). Hopefully I'll have woven bags for the last meeting!
Until then, I hope to have something new for the next post, this is getting redundant!


  1. I love it! your weaving is beautiful! Each pattern is prettier than the last one and all of them are beautiful!

    You are really making me want to somehow find a loom and get one for myself! Do you think Katineni still has hers in the garage in Inaktelke and I wonder how much shipping would be! LOL!!!

    Your knitting is great too! Another thing I really want to learn as well as crochet!

    1. Thank you! It's really nice to see the pattern appearing very quickly! However, I suggest a smaller loom, and a good course before you get one! I saw some looms this summer in Transylvania, and they don't look at all like the ones we have here, so I would not know how to use them.
      I'm starting a crochet course tonight, can't wait, I never was very excited about granny squares and crochet, until I saw the way they finish their sheets in Transylvania!