Saturday, March 17, 2012

This and that

So, this is how my loom looked like for a few days this week. If you don't know why this picture just makes me want to stop breathing, let me explain: the fabric has to be tight, and it also has to be a few inches away from the wood part, so I can weave. Here, it means I cannot pass my thread and beat it. So when that happened, I tried to figure out the physics of the loom, I knew there was a way, I was looking at the break, knowing it it had something to do with it, but my spatial intelligence is so minimal (and my arms and legs so short) I could not do anything. Of course, when my man arrived, it took him a whole 15 seconds to fix it. I hope it also has to do with the fact that he saw his grand-mother weave when he was little, and it is not only me who is so spatial-dumb!

Anyway, it has been a grey, humid week here, which means that pretty much nothing got done on the loom. I just had no energy, after it got fixed. Today doesn't look better, but I will try to use coffee, loud music, the fact that I am home alone all day, and the slight feeling of panic at the fact that really, if I want to bring that loom with me in the new house, I have to weave more to motivate me. 

On the knitting side, the seamless cardi has been sent to (and received in) Vancouver. Before the baby was born. I think that might be a premiere for me. Now I'm thinking about adding a pair of booties to it. I might just start that today, given that I started my peasy twice already, and it is not working. I know I can figure it out, it's just that I need to really concentrate on one particular paragraph and do it right. I have to get rid of a few rows, but I don't know how to get rid of increases if I just TINK, so I'm kind of looking at what I have done so far and I have no idea, and no motivation. I just don't feel like starting again from scratch today, so I might just start the booties instead.

This week I also started a crochet course.  So far so good, it was mostly a review of what my friend Elizabeth had quickly showed me this summer in Europe, plus a little bit on how to read a pattern. I'm looking for an easy pattern to practice, until my next course in 2 weeks. I also want to make sure I have all the vocabulary in both French and English, as I know I will be crocheting more in English than in French, and my course is in French. This is what I really want to make, when I know what I'm doing. I'm just not going to start with a sweater this time!

I also had good news on the professional side, I might start working full time in April. Right now, I'm happily working 3 days a week, and I was told that I might get a 2nd contract at the university in September, but someone else heard about me, and asked if I would be available to work in her lab for the summer. (That's so weird to write, I never, ever, thought I would end working in a lab, and now I might work in 2!!!) I would be very sad to give up my 2 days off, but with the house, I can't really say no. I also spoke to the person I might start to work with in September, and his project look so interesting, and so close to what I actually did when I did my master's that I would be crazy not to take it. I have to admit that it feels good to feel professionally loved, I haven't had hat feeling in a long time! And it is weird that it is happening for jobs that I would never have thought to apply for.

I'm often thinking about all that I heard and read about a few years ago, when I was unhappy with jobs I really worked hard to get. It was all about setting life goals, and figure out how to achieve them, and visualizing the results. None of it happened. Then, somehow, I ended here, the unemployment capital, and since, everything seems to be falling into place. Perhaps I just had to let it go, which for me, the over-analytic organiser, was much harder to do that to set goals! 

Anyway, enough philosophy for a Saturday morning, I've got to get to my loom.

Happy St-Paddy's day, everyone!

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